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Downtown Flower Pots PDF 

Judy Sanacore, Steward of Fallbrook's downtown flowerpotsdowntown flower potsFallbrook residents enjoy a downtown lined with flower pots full of vibrant flowers and foliage. Without your donations, Fallbrook's downtown streets would consist of bland concrete sidewalks devoid of color.

Fallbrook Beautification Alliance has beautified downtown Fallbrook with 136 flower pots.  The downtown flower pot project extends from Ivy to Elder Streets, providing eight blocks of beautifully planted flower pots along Main Street.  The latest addition, from Fig to Elder, was a collaboration with the Fallbrook Village Association.

These pots cost $150 each and $4,800 a year is spent on labor to water the pots.

This partnership is an example of the mission of the FBA, bringing community partners together to beautify our community.