About Us

FBA Membership


The members of the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance are:

Mary Jo Bacik

Noelle Denke - Secretary

Marta Donovan

Jean Dooley

Shirley Fender

Karen Feyler - Vice President

Heather Howard

Jerri Patchett - President

Cate Robinson - Treasurer

Our History


  In 2004, the County of San Diego proposed to realign South Mission Road from Olive Hill to Main Avenue with hardscape medians.  On recommendation of the Fallbrook Revitalization Council, a group of civic minded individuals became involved. Vince Ross, Don McDougal and Jerri Patchett approached County officials about the proposed hardscape medians. Thanks to their relentless efforts, the County agreed to allow them to form a non-profit organization to plant and maintain the medians.

In 2005, Vince, Don and Jerri formed a non-profit corporation, the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance (FBA), to raise funds to plant and maintain the medians. The FBA united with community partners, such as the Fallbrook Public Utility District, to irrigate and plant the South Mission medians. These medians remain a beautiful welcoming statement for those entering Fallbrook.

Originally, three medians were planted on South Mission Road between Olive Hill and Rocky Crest Road. The fourth median referred to as the “Shell Median,” located on South Mission Road between Clemmens Lane and Ammunition Road, was planted around 2010.

Today, thanks to a committed Board of Directors, community partners and wonderful volunteers, the FBA has created and maintained multiple beautification projects in Fallbrook.