Wipe out graffiti in Fallbrook


Pictured above:  Fallbrook Beautification Alliance Volunteer uses a roller to paint over graffiti.

Fallbrook residents will have an opportunity to once again assist the  Fallbrook Beautification Alliance in wiping out graffiti in Fallbrook  while shopping at Major Market. During the months of June, July and  August, donations of any amount can be made at the register and will be  used to fight graffiti at local streets and parks.

In the first  five months of 2019, FBA volunteers cleaned over 1380 “tags” averaging  67 hours of work each month, wiping benches, painting poles and fences  and scrubbing sidewalks and walls. That number is double over the same  period last year. 

Although this increase may in part be  attributed to the team’s tracking of where graffiti is most prevalent,  FBA historical data indicated that there is a considerable increase in  the overall amount of graffiti in this village. 

Leaving gang  markings in place encourages retaliatory tagging. According to the U.S.  Department of Justice, graffiti is not an isolated problem. Further  criminal activity as a result of gang graffiti includes public disorder,  shoplifting, gang violence and property destruction. 

Additionally,  the National Association of Realtors said property values decrease of  15% in neighborhoods where graffiti is present. 

Since Fallbrook  is unincorporated, there are no city or county employees focused on  graffiti removal. It rests on the community’s businesses, residents and  volunteers. 

From The Village News, Last Updated 7/3/19


 FBA board member Marta Donovan and her small team of  volunteers focus on cleaning up the graffiti and eliminate the blight  with programs such as Major Market’s “Wipe Out Graffiti” campaign to  help provide the funds to purchase the cleaning and paint supplies the  volunteers use. 

Volunteer Susan Huff developed contacts with San Diego Gas and  Electric and other telephone utilities to encourage the cleanup of  frequently tagged utility boxes. The paint needed to match existing  boxes is unique, and matching the colors to keep the area beautiful is  an ongoing challenge, she said.

FBA volunteer Dan Clouse has engineered a long pole to reach the back of business tagged with graffiti. 

If  someone sees graffiti in town, they should report it. By doing so, the  tag will be photographed and added to the sheriff’s database. FBA  volunteers obtain a copy of the graffiti log every week from the  Fallbrook Sheriff’s department and remove graffiti in the public right  of way. 

Private businesses and homeowners are responsible for  abating graffiti on their own personal property. FBA Graffiti Abatement  volunteers do often interact with businesses and residents to share  ideas and solutions and to encourage their involvement in the timely  removal of graffiti.

Prompt notification helps raise awareness and  assists the sheriff in building a database of repeat offenders or  problem areas, making it easier to patrol and prosecute. All residents  are encouraged to call the graffiti hotline at (760) 451-3144 to submit a  report. Callers will reach a recorded announcement and will be prompted  to leave a short message with a description of where the graffiti is  located.

Anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to donate at  Fallbrook’s Major Market this summer can consider making an online  donation at http://www.fallbrookbeautification.org. All contributions will go toward supplies and resources to clean up Fallbrook.

If  anyone would like to be a part of this important effort, there is a  “contact me” form available on the FBA website for volunteers indicate  their interest, and they will be personally contacted by a member of the  group. Volunteers may choose to help out in their own neighborhood with  graffiti removal and trash pick-up, or to help out where needed most. 

Summer community cleanups announced


Pictured above: Fallbrook Beautification Alliance Volunteers participate in a community cleanup event.

  The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance has announced its schedule for  summer group cleanups, in and around Fallbrook. FBA’s program Keeping  Fallbrook Litter Free encourages all residents to get involved in some  way in keeping Fallbrook’s roadways and riverbed free of trash.   

From The Village News, Last Updated 6/17/19

The  KFLF program challenges participants to pick up at least one 5-gallon  bucket of trash, in and around their neighborhood, place of business or  workout area, each week.

In addition to individual trash pickups, KFLF also sponsors monthly group cleanups in particularly trash-filled areas. 

The  group cleanup schedule for this summer includes Don Dassault Park, 832  Alturas Road, from 9-11 a.m., Saturday, June 29; Margarita River Trail,  which will meet at the small parking lot at Sandia Creek, from 9-11  a.m., Saturday, July 27; Ingold Sports Park, 2551 Olive Hill Road, from  9-11 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 24. 

To get to Santa Margarita River  Trail from Fallbrook, take DeLuz Road north to Sandia Creek and continue  on Sandia Creek. The small parking lot is on the right, before Rock  Mountain Road. 

All ages of volunteers are welcome, and they  should bring their own reusable buckets, gloves, pickers and water to  help minimize the accumulation of added waste.

Anyone interested in this program or any of FBA’s efforts to help clean Fallbrook can visit http://www.fallbrookbeautification.org or attend the next quarterly meeting of KFLF which will be held at the  Fallbrook Public Utilities District boardroom, Monday, Aug. 12, from  6:30-7:30 p.m. at 990 E Mission Road in Fallbrook.

Hit and run accident causes damage at Fallbrook's Military MEMORIAL


Pictured above:   Volunteers  work to clean up the Military Memorial site in Fallbrook including,  from left, Jackie Heyneman; Dan Clouse, the steward of the Welcome Home  Tribute, and Marta Donovan.


Dan Clouse of the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance spent over three  weeks clearing away vehicle debris and a large sumac bush that was  destroyed by the impact of a hit-and-run accident on East Mission Road  in Fallbrook in April 2019. 

Clouse, along with fellow steward of  the Military Memorial site, Tom Peterson, cleared the weeds and pruned  all the bushes and trees on the site. 

From The Village News, Last Updated 6/6/19


The recent accident damaged  the area and destroyed a large section of split rail fence that lined  the East Mission Road side of the memorial. The fence was originally  installed by FBA and Save Our Forest in May 2012 and has been repaired  occasionally. 

Representatives from both organizations and the  Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce came together to repair the fence after  the accident and to clean up the native landscaping. Jason Springsteen, who helped install lighting for the American flag  that flies at the site, identified the materials needed for the fence  repair, which was funded by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. Clouse  purchased and installed new reflectors along the split rail fence,  hoping to prevent future accidents. 

The Military Memorial was  dedicated in September 2009, and many organizations and individuals have  added to the commemorative site, installing a new flagpole, upgrading  the lighting, planting oak trees and adding the decorative split rail  fence. 

A boulder beyond the fence holds a memorial plaque with  the following dedication to Fallbrook’s military: “In Honor Of Those Who  Bravely Serve This Country....Welcome Home.” 

Anyone interested in this project or other ways to help maintain the beauty of Fallbrook can visit http://www.fallbrookbeautification.org to find out how they can get involved. 

Litter collected at Santa Margarita Watershed cleanup


Pictured above:   Brenda Carden and Joe Beyer marvel at all the litter, including a broken windshield off Sandia Creek Road. 

 The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance held a "Keeping Fallbrook  Litter Free Santa Margarita Watershed Cleanup" Saturday, March 30.  Fifteen volunteers collected approximately 50 five-gallon buckets of  litter in the area. 

The "Keeping Fallbrook Litter Free" program  has created 50 distinct clean up zones in the Fallbrook and surrounding  area, encouraging volunteers who live and work in those areas to make a  weekly commitment to pick up one five-gallon bucket of trash and  recycling each week. In the month of March, the teams cleaned up 305  five-gallon buckets. 

From The Village News, Last Updated 5/29/19

In addition to this ongoing effort, the group hosts periodic cleanups  of particularly challenging or trashy areas. At the watershed clean up,  new and existing volunteers came together, including Scott Gallan, Zone  9 captain, scouted the area, identifying the location in Santa  Margarita requiring the most cleanup. Zone 15 captain Joe Beyer helped  redirect volunteers to the main clean up areas. New group volunteers  Robin Brush, Patty Lacroix, Julie, Jean-Luc and Arianna Annet from De  Luz, Sheila Simmons of De Luz and Martin Quiroz of Essex Mortgage and  Rotary Club joined in the cleanup. 

Items found and averted from  the watershed include: broken windshield and car debris, steam vacuum  cleaner, broken road caution sign that were washed out from the winter  rainstorms, plastic car cover, discarded cat in a box, sofa, a TV set  and construction debris. 

With the assistance of park ranger Taylor Burnell, who was on the  scene to assist, the FBA volunteers were able to report the sofa and  television in the gorge. Burnell reassured the group that his team would  remove these heavy items soon. Burnell shared the following message  with the volunteers. 

"It was incredible to see what just a few people in a morning can do," he said. 

Volunteers  Brenda Carden, Sue Jackson, Joe Beyer and Robin Brush helped sort  through the litter, as 30% of the items were recyclable. 

Anyone who is interested in this program and any others FBA has initiated to help keep Fallbrook beautiful can visit http://www.fallbrookbeautification.org or attend FBA's next "Keeping Fallbrook Litter Free" meeting from 7-9  p.m., May 13, at the Fallbrook Public Utility District board room. RSVP  with Marta Donovan at (760) 405-4054.

FBA helps families recycle batteries


Pictured above:   Fallbrook Beautification Alliance member Brenda Carden, right, is seen  with her grandson Liam Schueneman and his father Cody Schueneman at the  FBA booth at Arts in the Park. 

From The Village News, Last Updated 5/28/19


Children decorated empty tennis ball canisters to hold old used  household batteries until they can be properly disposed of at multiple  recycling locations in Fallbrook with help from the Fallbrook  Beautification Alliance at the recent Arts In The Park event, April 28.  Their booth and recycling craft taught both parents and children the  importance of responsibly recycling the hazardous material.

Household  batteries may be dropped off at three local food markets through the  efforts of FBA and the Fallbrook Village Rotary. The local markets are  Major Market, Albertson's and Northgate Market. Recycling containers may  be found at or near the front door at each location, and additional  drop off spots are located in the Fallbrook Library and at EDCO Waste  Collection and Recycling Center at 550 W. Aviation Road. 

FBA  member Brenda Carden created and coordinated the recycling craft as  identifying a safe and secure spot to keep old batteries at home is the  first step in developing good recycling habits. 

Couple Contributes Trash Cans and Service On Pico Promenade


Pictured above:  Jean and Jim Dooley and their dog, Durango...along with family members, have been cleaning up Pico Promenade for close to 20 years.

Not everyone in Fallbrook knows about the four blocks of scenic pathways that run between Elder and Fallbrook Streets, just West of downtown Main Avenue.   This unique stretch is fondly named the Pico Promenade as the pathway heads South from where S. Pico ends at Elder Street.   Although not know to all, every foot of the Promenade is well know to Jean Dooley, who has been picking up trash and helping to beautify the stretch for almost 20 years.

Jean volunteered initially at the request of the Fallbrook Village Association, who was looking for volunteers to pick up trash around town.  That was back in the year 2000.   "The first thing I asked for were trashcans", Jean shared when asked about her long time service, "as there were none in place at the time".   For years Jean, along with her previous baby-sitter cleaned the paths, but after her sitter moved away in 2003, Jean's husband Jim took her place, working with her to pick up trash and empty the trashcans.  During that time, care for the Pico Promenade was adopted by the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance, who along with Save our Forest, various Eagle Scouts, and other interested citizens and students, added and painted benches, installed decorative fencing, replaced plants and signage and continue to fight to eliminate graffiti.    In 2014 their dog Durango joined the team!    

From The Village News, Last Updated 4/12/19

In early March Jean managed the installation of five new trashcans, funded by a grant received by the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance.  The heavy duty trashcans, constructed of heavy steel were ordered with a special protective cover to keep rain water out and trash in.   Jean and her "team of two" pick up trash along the pathway, including
cigarette butts, and empty all the trashcans.  They place the collected trash in a trash bin provided at no cost by EDCO Waste & Recycling.   The many collected cigarette butts are
added to those responsibly disposed of by smokers in the cigarette recycling unit located next to one of the benches, also provided by the FBA.  Once a month Jean packages all the collected cigarette butts in a box which she mails to Terracycle Recycling Company to be recycled into a variety of industrial products such as plastic pallets, and where the remaining tobacco is composted.  

Another person and business that was a major help is Brad Urqhart, owner of Fallbrook Fertilizer Feed and Farm Supplies, a business that is adjacent to the Promenade.  "Mr. Urqhart accepted the delivery of the trashcans and kept them safely on his property until the installation was scheduled", Jean shared.    And with an eye to the best use of all resources both new and used, Jean and Jim felt that three of the five old trashcans removed may have still had some life in them so they were donated to the Fallbrook Land Conservancy who was able to conveniently collect them up from the Farm Supply store.  Mr. Urqhart agreed to get rid of the remaining unusable cans as part of his company's trash collection.   Jean complimented Mr. Urquart's saying "he has been a wonderful supporter. He donates water to Save Our Forest group for the plantings along the pathway, provides the loaner cart we use when picking up trash, and took care of all our needs with the installation of the new trashcans".     

Although Jean and Jim welcome any volunteer help, they are committed.   Jean closed by saying, "our family, (two sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, sister-in-law and nephew) all have special t-shirts and help us with the Pico pick-up when they visit during the holidays".    Now that is dedication.  

FBA's next project is to raise money to install additional cigarette butt recycling units and pet waste stations.    If you are interested in this or any other project the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance is involved in helping to maintain and beautify Fallbrook's public spaces, please visit www.fallbookbeautification.org

Keeping Fallbrook Litter Free


Shown above from left to right: The Annet family-Julie, Jean-Luc, and Arianna; Sheila Simmons; and Marta Donovan surrounded by the litter collected from a March, 2019 cleanup of the Santa Margarita Preserve.  

Items found include a  sofa, television, steam vacuum cleaner, car accident debris, construction debris, car cover, dead cat in a box, etc.  

30% of the litter items were abled to be recycled at EDCO.   

"Keeping Fallbrook Litter Free" is the goal of the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance for 2019. The program kickoff and first community-wide cleanup was held Saturday, Jan. 12th at Don Dussault County Park, and several cleanup events have been held since then.

After years of hosting semiannual cleanups around Fallbrook, the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance recognized that an ongoing effort, engaging volunteers throughout the year, would be a more effective way to address the trash problem along local roadways, ravines, parks and neighborhoods.

Partnering with I Love A Clean San Diego and Adopt-A-Road, Todd Jester of the Fallbrook Public Utility District and Marta Donovan, coordinator of the Keeping Fallbrook Litter Free program, divided central Fallbrook into 20 zones, covering 49 square miles in total.  

The program goal is for a "zone captain" to adopt each zone and, working with a team of volunteers, to keep that zone trash free. Each volunteer is challenged to pick up at least one 5-gallon bucket worth of litter each week. 

The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance offers each participant who enrolls a safety vest, a 5-gallon bucket, a litter grabber and work gloves. With the help of the zone captains, the group will track the program's success based on the amount of trash collected monthly, and the results will be posted on the organization's website. 

Studies have shown that trash left on streets and parks may decrease property values, spread disease and make these areas less pedestrian and children friendly. With approximately 80 percent of coastal trash coming from inland watersheds, volunteers are making a difference in the ocean's health as well as in local creek beds, canyons and communities. 

Additionally, Fallbrook Beautification Alliance provides credits to volunteers in need of school community service hours.

To see which zone a home or business is in, visit https://arcg.is/0irSqC

For more information or to enroll in the program, please call 

Marta Donovan at 760-405-4054.

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